Airienteering with 13MIKE

by Fred J. Calfior and Douglas W. Miller


Overview -

This section will present to you the puzzle conduct of each of the three scenarios, and some of the hints as to how to solution them. All the questions in the scenarios are designed to be researched. They certainly are not typical of what you would normally store in your brain, so we have compiled for you a list of reference material that may be helpful in your quest for aviation history, regulations, and war knowledge. What we recommend is that you solve a multiplicity of the puzzles and questions before you even fly, because the learning you can acquire is awesome! There is no problem in handling each question or puzzle as you arrive, but if you don't have all the reference material handy at home (or at work if the boss isn't around!), then you will naturally submit yourself to the humiliation of a guess!

The Early Pioneers -

In this scenario, there are no puzzles! You will find aviation early pioneer trivia questions somewhat straightforward. They will put you at a fork in the air road of two or three choices. The questions are not tricky, but do address some common misconceptions about aviation history that might surprise you as you find yourself looped or dead ended! Many times, you will see plain, simple “Go To AirLeg” statements. Be thankful for those, because in later scenarios, you will lose those free rides!

Highways in the Skies -

In this section, there is a mixture of questions, puzzles, and Go To information. The Highways in the Skies questions force you to expand your knowledge base of how to maneuver using airspace “road maps” or properly termed charts. They can get fairly devious, but not nasty enough to give us a reputation as brutes!

Quite a few of the puzzles help you to exercise chart interpretation. For example, what is the elevation at certain airfields? What is the ATIS frequency? What's the longest runway? What is the floor of that airspace you're overflying? Armed with those answers, you could be asked to play with those numbers until you arrive at the next AirLeg.

Some other puzzles which will tickle you are called Riddle-Me-Dees. You're supplied with a riddle, and it's up to you to find the answer to that riddle by checking the list towards the back of the scenario. Each answer on the list will have a number which is your next AirLeg. Secondly, there are Puzzle Tribes. These can be tricky, because you are given a clue, then you are to find the rebus or word picture which matches it on the page which carries them in the back of the scenario. Thirdly, there are Mathematical Progressions, where you supply the missing number which fits a pattern shown. The answer is your next AirLeg. Fourthly, there are Silly Sniglets. By definition, sniglets are words which don't appear in the dictionary, but should! Given the definition, find the proper sniglet which matches it in the back of the scenario, and it points you to your next AirLeg. Then there are a number of assorted puzzles, like cross numbers, hidden numbers, and other varieties to this tossed salad puzzle palace!

Air Warriors -

In this section, there are no free Go To statements! It's all questions and puzzles! Oh boy! The Air Warrior questions are all research intensive. Unless you have an encyclopedic brain, you'll have to hit some of the reference books to find the answers. Here, deviousness reigns and we have become downright stinkers!

The Silly Sniglets, Puzzle Tribes, Mathematical Progressions, and chart interpretation puzzles are back in true form. But in addition, we have added The Gallery! This is a descriptive series of well known wartime airplanes, which you must match up in the list towards the back of the scenario. These will definitely captivate your interest and keep you flying on the edge of your ejection seat!

Clue Booklet -


1. you've almost pulled all your hair out

2. you are at your wit's end

3. there is no light at the end of the tunnel

4. all is dark and dreary

5. you're ready to slug somebody

Good news! Relief is in sight! Just order a clue booklet through CalMil Publishing, which will supply you with the answers to all the questions and puzzles! And this, along with two aspirin, should do the trick! Check out the order form in back of the book.

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