Airienteering with 13MIKE

by Fred J. Calfior and Douglas W. Miller

What would it be like to do a little orienteering with an airplane? Well, jump into old 13MIKE, get out the chart, and let's hit the sky. This book is written in a choose your own adventure style format. It is loaded with aviation trivia and little known facts to test your knowledge and skill. You need to solve puzzles, find answers to aviation trivia questions, and locate clues on the charts. to find your way. There can be as many as four or five different paths to arrive at a successful destination. Answer a question or puzzle wrong, and you will find yourself running out of gas, flying into a mountain, encountering severe weather, or looped to an AirLeg you've already flown, among other mishaps! You never know your destination airport until the very last moment. It is not wise to try and second guess your route or destination. There are scoring points throughout the flights.

“Professors Calfior and Miller keep your wings level and your heading true in their '13MIKE' series. Airienteering with '13MIKE' even makes getting lost a fun and educational experience.” Gregory L. Harris - Editor-in-Chief, Full Throttle Magazine

“Aviation is an art form. True aviators have finesse based on historical knowledge that adds enjoyment to their flying. Airienteering is a book that strives for that enjoyment.” Jeffrey Fritz - Telecommunications Engineer, West Virginia University

“Airienteering with '13MIKE' is a wonderful addition to the 13MIKE series. Not only will it further your Flight Simulator aeronautical skill, it will challenge your knowledge of aviation history and trivia.” Scott M. Spangler Editor, Flight Training Magazine

CalMil Publishing

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