IFR Flights of 13MIKE

by Fred J. Calfior and Douglas W. Miller



"What a day for a weather brief, huh? It's great for us IFR, commercial, instrument rated lovebirds, even if it is a bit soupy! I'm planning an IFR flight in aircraft Tail Number November 9413MIKE, which is a Cessna 182 RG. Departing San Francisco International about forty five minutes or so from now. I'll be at eleven thousand feet, then fifteen thousand feet. Route will be by way of Oakland and Linden to South Lake Tahoe Airport, and it should take an hour and a half to get there. Let's have the exciting news!"

Oakland FSS:

"You do have some flight precautions. Airmet Tango for occasional light to moderate turbulence below flight level two zero zero associated with moderate westerly to southwesterly wind flow aloft. Also there are a few widely scattered thunderstorms along your area of flight, causing some mountain obscuration. In addition, there is Airmet Zulu for light to occasionally moderate rime or mixed icing between niner thousand and one five thousand.

There is a low pressure system off the southern Oregon, northern California coast, with a cold front approaching the coast causing this weather.

Currently at San Francisco, estimated ceiling five hundred broken, three thousand overcast, visibility one half mile, rain and fog, temperature four seven, dewpoint four three, wind two niner zero at one five. Altimeter two niner eight one.

Enroute, ceilings are generally one thousand five hundred broken with scattered rain showers and thunderstorms.

South Lake Tahoe is reporting estimated ceiling seven thousand five hundred broken, one five thousand overcast, visibility two zero. Temperature three seven, wind two four zero at one six, and altimeter two niner eight six.

San Francisco's terminal forecast for two zero zero zero Zulu calls for ceiling four hundred broken, three thousand overcast, visibility one half mile, wind three one zero at one zero.

Enroute, you'll start off with two thousand broken, seven thousand overcast with scattered rain showers and thunderstorms. Cumulonimbus tops are at one seven thousand. Then as you go further north, two thousand scattered to thin broken, ceiling five thousand broken, one one thousand overcast.

South Lake Tahoe's terminal forecast is for ceiling six thousand broken, one two thousand overcast, visibility unrestricted, wind one niner zero at one five.

Winds aloft initially around San Francisco for one two thousand, two niner zero at three two. As you approach South Lake Tahoe, they're forecast two seven zero at two six.

There are no local NOTAMs. There is one NOTAM regarding the landing directional aid approaches at South Lake Tahoe are not authorized through the day.

That wraps up what I have for you. Can I do anything else for you?"



"It looks like a good solid IFR flight, with things shaping up to the north. I'd like to go ahead and file an IFR flight plan with you now, if that's okay with you."

Oakland FSS:

"By all means! I'm at your service! Go and give me the details - I'm ready!"


"IFR, November 9413MIKE, Cessna 182 RG - slash A, one three five true airspeed, Departure - SFO, one niner zero zero Zulu, eleven thousand feet, Route - SHORELINE NINE DEPARTURE, Linden transition (SHOR9.LIN), Victor two eight to RICHY intersection, direct LAZEE intersection, Destination - South Lake Tahoe (TVL). ETE is one plus thirty five. Fuel on board six plus ten. Alternate - Fallon, Nevada. [YOUR NAME - CONTACT PHONE NUMBER - HOME BASE], two on board, Red over white."

Oakland FSS:

"Marvelous! Red over white, huh? Must be quite a handsome little airplane you have! Enjoy the flight and have a great one! Flight Watch one two two point zero for enroute weather and pilot reports."


"Thanks for the brief! I always enjoy these things so much!"

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