IFR Flights of 13MIKE

by Fred J. Calfior and Douglas W. Miller



"Hello Seattle! I'm coming down there to visit you and I'd like to acquire an IFR weather brief. I'm in November 9413MIKE, which is a Cessna 182 RG. I'm departing from the booming metropolis of Port Angeles, Fairchild International Airport. It's three o'clock now - let's expect me airborne in thirty minutes. Cruising at nine thousand feet. I'll go easterly first, then southeasterly to SEATAC airport. One hour to Seattle enroute. I've got to get down there quick in order to see the Seattle Supersonics play live! I'm an instrument rated pilot."

Seattle FSS:

"There is a flight precaution of a developing line of thunderstorms ten miles wide moving eastward at thirty knots, north and west of Seattle. Also, there is an Airmet Tango for light to moderate turbulence above six thousand feet, which is valid until zero zero zero zero Zulu - that's five o'clock our time.

The frontal system will develop into a low pressure system near evening.

Currently, at Fairchild International, estimated ceiling eight hundred broken, six thousand overcast, visibility two, light rain and fog, temperature five five, wind three one zero at one three, altimeter two niner eight eight.

Enroute, ceilings are generally five thousand broken with widely scattered thunderstorms.

Here in Seattle, we have a measured ceiling of five thousand overcast, visibility three zero, temperature six one, wind three two zero at one one, with altimeter two niner eight niner.

Fairchild's forecast calls for ceiling one thousand two hundred broken, visibility three, light rain showers and fog, wind three two zero at one five.

Enroute, you should encounter two thousand scattered to thin broken, ceiling five thousand overcast, with scattered rain showers and thunderstorms. Cumulonimbus tops are at one five thousand.

By the time you arrive in SEATAC - wait! I pushed the wrong button - high level significant weather prognosis isn't what I want! It's interesting, but unless you're flying a Lear jet, you won't care! Here it is! Terminal forecast says for two three zero zero Zulu weather, one thousand five hundred scattered, ceiling four thousand broken, seven thousand overcast, visibility unrestricted, wind three two zero at eight.

Winds aloft for niner thousand, three five zero at two niner. Over Seattle, they're forecast three four zero at two two.

There are no local or distant NOTAMs.

They play the New York Knickerbockers tonight, don't they?"



"Yeah! Should be quite a game! Well, looks pretty good to me - so with your blessing, I'll give you my flight plan to glory and hoops heaven!"

Seattle FSS:

"All right, I don't want to be the one responsible for you missing your game, so I'll clear the board and then you give me your flight plan!"


"IFR, November 9413MIKE, Cessna 182 RG - slash A, one three zero true airspeed, Departure - Port Angeles-Fairchild International, two two three zero Zulu, niner thousand feet, Route - PORT ANGELES ONE DEPARTURE, Victor four LOFAL intersection, Victor two eighty seven CARRO intersection, Victor twenty seven, Destination - SEATAC, SEA. ETE is zero plus five five, Fuel on board six plus oh five. Alternate - Olympia. [YOUR NAME - CONTACT PHONE NUMBER - HOME BASE], two on board, Red over white."

Seattle FSS:

"Well, then, go, go, go!! Your flight plan is on file. For enroute weather, contact Flight Watch on frequency one two two point one, and we'd appreciate pilot reports on any turbulence or thunderstorm activity you might encounter. By the time you preflight and kick the tires, your clearance will await you! Hope the Knicks win! Sorry!"


"I'll tell you what! If the Knicks win, I'll give you a flight in 13MIKE. If the Supersonics win, you give me a diamond studded tour of the Flight Service Station there. Deal?"

Seattle FSS:

"Deal! Call me tomorrow. I'm on the morning shift, and my operating initials are Foxtrot Mike. Take care!"


"So long, FM!"

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