IFR Flights of 13MIKE

by Fred J. Calfior and Douglas W. Miller

The "Competitive", "Challenging", "Fun", "Exciting", "Thrilling", and "Nerve Racking" experiences of 13MIKE are back! Along with "White Knuckle" and "Yukky" weather! All levels of flyers have agreed that these scenarios are, by far, the most challeging series of intensely packed instrument flights they have ever encountered. From the zero-zero takeoff to the instrument landing approach with a two hundred foot ceiling, and everything in between, Professors Calfior and Miller keep you busy and on the edge of your seat from startup to shutdown. All procedures are authentic, from the flight plan and weather brief, to the low altitude enroute charts and instrument approach plates.

"This is great! Everything you need in an action book to understand and develop IFR departure, enroute, and approach skills. All the challenges of real flying coming at you in real-time. I've got to tell you … when the hobbs meter starts ticking you won't find a better value."

Tom Slotter - Flight Management System Engineer and Private Pilor

"Two hundred feet above the runway, still in the clouds, beaded in sweat, just as I was adding power to go around, that beautiful runway suddenly materialized! What a rush! It doesn't get much better than this. I'd start flight training all over agin if I had Calfior and Miller's fresh and friendly style to instruct me."

Bob Goodacre - Flight Simulator beta tester and Flight Captain

"Wow! At last! A way for every flight simulator user to get the feel of what really goes on in the world of IFR flying. From the time you flip the first switch on 13MIKE until you are parked at your destination you are in our world. With 13MIKE you will learn how to conduct yourself professionally in an IFR environment."

Mark Cheney - Airline Captain

CalMil Publishing


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