Flights of 13MIKE

by Fred J. Calfior and Douglas W. Miller

   Flight Scenario Three

Santa Monica to Torrance

(Los Angeles Area - estimated flying time 30 minutes)

I believe you are fairly proficient at tracking a VOR radial by now. You probably had your head inside the cockpit more than outside on that last flight. Hi, this is Professor Miller again! You are half way through this four part flight. The next scenario is short on distance but long on communications. Flying through the Los Angeles TCA Corridor requires a sharp eye, concentration, and good communication skills. If you are continuing on with Professor Calfior in "13MIKE", you may skip the "SETUP" section and proceed to "PREFLIGHT". If this is your first flight with "13 MIKE", let me tell you how we do the setup. I will lead you through the initial setup phase of the flight simulator where you will set the aircraft type, winds, and position. I will show you how to save this setup, so you may return to the Santa Monica Airport without going through the initial setup steps. I will then turn you over to Professor Calfior, who will take you through the PREFLIGHT of "13MIKE" to set your instruments, TAXI, and perform a RUN UP of the engine prior to takeoff. He will instruct you in the TAKEOFF, CLIMB OUT, LEVEL OFF, COURSE CHANGES, DESCENT, APPROACH, and LANDING procedures that make up the bulk of this scenario. Listen to what Professor Calfior has to say about flying techniques. He is trying to help you obtain the best possible score.


We depart from runway 21 at Santa Monica Airport with a climb out to 3500 feet. You will perform a standard right downwind departure. This will include a left 45 degree departure from the pattern. You will intercept the 140 radial from the VAN NUYS VOR and track outbound through the LAX TCA corridor. You will need to obtain permission from LA Approach Control to enter the corridor. After negotiating the corridor, you will setup for a 45 degree pattern entry, for runway 29R at Torrance. You will fly a normal, right downwind approach pattern to land at Torrance Airport. You are surrounded by the TCA, so take care not to wander off course or you may end up busting the TCA. You're going to be busy on this one. After filling out our flight plan in Appendix A, and calling the Flight Service Station (FSS) to file it, we need to turn to Appendix B and locate the sectional map for Los Angeles. Find Santa Monica and Torrance airports. Draw the above route on the map. Now answer these questions.

**  a) What airport is to your left as you leave the LAX TCA Corridor?

_______________________ (15 pts)

**  b) How many runways does Los Angeles International have?

_______________________________ (15 pts)

**  c)What is the height of the floor of the TCA at Santa Monica?

_________________________ (15 pts)

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