Flights of 13MIKE

by Fred J. Calfior and Douglas W. Miller

“Competitive”, “Challenging”, “Fun”, “Exciting”, “Thrilling”, and “Nerve Racking” are words that have been used to describe flying these scenarios. Non-pilots to commercial pilots are all hooked on the challenge and adventured of “13MIKE”. You do not have to be a pilot to enjoy the Calfior is seated at your right for the entire flight. Drawing on years of flight training has enabled Professors Miller and Calfior to bring you the most authentic and realistic selection of flight scenarios that you have ever encountered. You feel like you are actually in the cockpit, with Professor Calfior giving you friendly advice in his humorous fashion.

“Why something like this wasn't thought of years ago astounds me! As I progressed through the flights it made me smile to read Professor Calfior's witty comments and advice. This book was so great that I can't wait until the next companion is available.” Pat Reese - Corporate jet pilot

“I wish this book had been available at the beginning of my flight training. I would have soloed a lot sooner than I did. I recommend this book to anyone that loves to fly.” Joe Martin - student pilot

“You weren't kidding when you told me how challenging these flights would be. I was on the edge of my seat through the canyon. What a relief it was to see the airport emerge from behind that mountain. I highly recommend this companion to anyone who likes excitement and a real challenge.” John Johnston - flight instructor

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