Cross Country

by Alfred Poor


I appreciate the many people and companies who provided materials and support for this project.

I also want to thank Sean Tracy for teaching me how to fly, and to blame Dan Goodman for getting me hooked on it in the first place! I want to thank all the folks who have given me rides in their airplanes, especially Steve Gawrylewski and his beautiful Saratoga.

Thanks also go to the folks at Microsoft, BAO, MicroScene, and other companies for creating the products that made this book possible in the first place, and for providing support to me in this and other projects over the years. Special thanks go to Bruce Artwick, for having the vision, the skills, and the persistence to make this world of simulated flight a reality.

I also am grateful to Tim Boone and Gregory Harris and the rest of the people at the Cobb Group for giving me the opportunity to share my love of simulated and real flight.

And finally, thanks to my family—Bebe, Anna, and Alex—for their support in this project. It wouldn’t have gotten off the ground without all their help and hard work.

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