The Official F-15 Strike Eagle Handbook

by Richard Sheffield

Speedbrake Extension

Minimum Speed: 500 knots

Minimum Altitude: None

Extended use of the speedbrake at low speed or high altitude can cause your speed to drop to the stall point.

• You're flying straight and level (1).

• Extend your speedbrake. Notice how your speed drops to approximately 75 percent of its original level (2).

• Remove the speedbrake and notice how the plane quickly accelerates to its previous speed (3).

The speed brake is used often in combat to slow your speed in a hurry without slowing down the engine. It's frequently used to avoid overshooting an opponent. Once you've practiced this maneuver, you can try a speedbrake extension in a turn. Your speed will fall much faster due to the added drag of the turn.

Use the speedbrake to quickly decelerate.

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