The Official F-15 Strike Eagle Handbook

by Richard Sheffield

ACM Checkride #2

The purpose of this checkride is to let you demonstrate that you've learned to finish off an opponent when you have the advantage.

Simulation setup: Setup and objectives are the same for both versions of F-15 Strike Eagle except where noted.

Level: Pilot

Mission: Libya

Objective: To achieve success using all the maneuvers just discussed.

Procedure: Start the simulation and take off. A MiG should appear close by, but out in front of you. Let him go for a second or two; then use one of the offensive maneuvers to get back on his tail and shoot him down with either a short-range missile or guns. After a successful attack, restart the simulation and try a different tactic.

When you find a maneuver that works well for you, practice it until it becomes second nature. Every great fighter has one good knock-out punch.

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