The Official F-15 Strike Eagle Handbook

by Richard Sheffield

Multiple Flights

In an actual strike against heavily protected targets such as those seen in the mission scenarios, an attack usually has several components.

You can simulate these using several flights from the base with different objectives. The first attack would be made by the “Wild Weasel” squadron whose job it is to take out the enemy surface-to-air missile launchers. Following that, strikes against air bases to reduce air resistance are conducted. Finally, the target objective is attacked.

You can do the same thing to complete some of the missions in the simulation. On the first flight, attack SAM locations; then return to base. Fly again to take out the primary target(s) or airfields. When making a bombing run at SAM sites or at the primary target, you probably won't need more than one or two racks of bombs. Drop the rest if they won't be used; otherwise, they'll slow you down.

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