The Official F-15 Strike Eagle Handbook

by Richard Sheffield


One thing most players like about MicroProse games is the way short- and long-term goals are presented in the form of promotions and decorations. Promotions are based on your career point total.

Rank Points Needed
1st Lt. 1,500
Captain 6,000
Major 12,000
Lt. Colonel 25,000
Full Colonel 50,000
General 100,000

You won't be demoted for poor performance, but the Air Force only has so many multimillion-dollar F-15s. Bail out three times and you'll find yourself permanently flying a desk.


Everyone loves to be recognized for outstanding achievement; F-15 Strike Eagle II does this by awarding medals for valor. These awards are based entirely on your performance in one mission. Your rank doesn't enter in.

Award One Mission Score
Air Force Commendation 1,000
Distinguished Flying Cross 2,500
Silver Star 4,000
Air Force Cross 6,400
Congressional Medal of Honor 7,800

Although the Purple Heart is included in the medal illustration in the back of the manual, this award isn't available in F-15 Strike Eagle II.


A quick tip for the medal hungry. If you want to display an impressive row of decorations quickly without earning them, there's a small bug in the software that will let you rack them up in a hurry.

   The trick is to fly very difficult missions in Training mode (hit Alt-T in flight). In this mode, enemy missiles won't damage you, and you can replenish your weapons and fuel as you fly (hit Alt-R). Any points you score won't be added to your career total, but any decorations that would have come with your point total will still be awarded. It's quite possible to get all the awards, including the CMOH, with a career point total of zero!

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