The Official F-19 Stealth Fighter Handbook

by Richard Sheffield

Radar Ranges

There's a drawing on page 42 of the manual that shows how to draw circles around all enemy positions to see the range of the radar at each installation. This would help you thread the needle, allowing you to plan your path just outside of radar range and thus minimizing your exposure. It isn't very clear how to do that, however, so I'll try and explain it.

Turn to page 64 in the manual. You'll see a SAM chart, and under the heading "Max Range for Search" there's a number in parentheses. This number shows the radar range in numbers of blocks on the maps provided. If you knew a SAM location had SA-2 missiles, you could go to the chart and find that the range was three. You could then use a compass to measure three blocks and draw a circle around the SAM site indicating the range of the radar. If you do this for all the radar installations in the area, you'll be able to visualize the best route through them.

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