The Official F-19 Stealth Fighter Handbook

by Richard Sheffield

Decorations for Valor

The awarding of a medal for valor in F-19 is solely based on the performance in a single mission. This performance is judged on the basis of your score. To win a second medal of any type you must score twice as many points, for a third medal the point total triples, and so on. If two medals have the same point total, such as the second DFC and the first Silver Star, the most prestigious decoration is awarded. The point totals required are listed below.

Airman's Medal 100
Distinguished Flying Cross 300
Silver Star 600
Air Force Cross 900
Congressional Medal of Honor 1200
Winning the CMOH

The ultimate goal of most F-19 pilots is to eventually win the Congressional Medal of Honor. Once you understand how the scoring system works, winning the CMOH becomes a bit easier. Contrary to what most players think, the best way to win the CMOH is by flying Cold War missions. There are two reasons for this fact. First, you get the most points for completing the primary and secondary missions in Cold War. Secondly, you get a lot of points just for spending time behind enemy lines. These points are awarded several times faster than in Limited War scenarios.

You also need to select the higher levels of difficulty from the setup parameters. Use the following guidelines:

Keep in mind that these are guidelines. There are many combinations of selections. Some will give good results, and some will have bad results. Try to use some of the hardest selections. Winning the CMOH with all the selections at their minimum levels will require a lot of time behind enemy lines.

The COMH, Congressional Medal of Honor. This country's and F-19'5 highest award.

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