The Official F-19 Stealth Fighter Handbook

by Richard Sheffield

Appendix B Updating F-19 Stealth Fighter

Though you probably haven't noticed them, there were a few bugs in the original version of F-19 Stealth Fighter and room for a little improvement. The original version was 435.01, and now an updated version numbered 435.03 has been released. Version 435.04 should follow soon—it will probably be the last update. It should be out by the time you read this. You can locate the version number of your software by looking on the copyright screen when the game first boots up.

Besides taking care of a few rarely noticed bugs and compatibility with certain clones, the improvements in this version are:

An update program has been set up as follows:

If your version is still under the 90-day warranty, you can return the original disks and have them updated free.

Otherwise you can send $10 and the original disks for updating. Or, if you still have the Request for Backup Copy Form in your box, you can send that in with $10 for a completely updated backup copy.

If you have other questions about getting the updated version you should call MicroProse Customer Service at (301) 771-1151.

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