The Official F-19 Stealth Fighter Handbook

by Richard Sheffield

Take to the skies with F-19 Stealth Fighter and test this amazing aircraft, recently unveiled by the Pentagon. Learn all the thrilling maneuvers of this fantastic new fighter. Sheffield's book is your key to mastering F-19 Stealth Fighter from MicroProse. Inside you learn how to:

►  Maintain a good stealth profile

►  Locate the best strafing targets

►  Perform the most successful pursuit curves

►  Carry out fake attacks that ward off enemies

►  Master the most effective missile shots

Once you have learned to maneuver the Stealth Fighter, strap yourself into the back seat and fly along with ace Stealth Fighter pilot, Captain John “The Judge” Marshall. Watch over his shoulders as he executes hair-raising missions over Libya, the Persian Gulf, and the Soviet Kola Peninsula.

F-19 Stealth Fighter from MicroProse was voted Best Simulation Program for 1988 by the Software Publishers Association. Richard Sheffield is the author of GUNSHIP ACADEMY, JET FIGHTER SCHOOL, and 40 GREAT SUB ADVENTURES.


Radnor, Pennsylvania

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