Microsoft Flight Simulator Handbook

by Jonathan M. Stern


Selected Instrument Approach Procedure Charts

Flight Simulator users should not find themselves running out of scenery areas to explore, on instruments or otherwise. First of all, there are many user-created scenery files distributed free of charge on computer bulletin boards, including within CompuServe's Flight Simulation Forum. Much of this scenery is beautifully rendered, and it often contains the NAVAIDS necessary to conduct instrument flying.

There are also numerous scenery packages that are commercially available, including San Francisco, New York, Paris, Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, Europe I, Caribbean, and Japan. Charts for use with just a few of these packages are included in this appendix. As this book is being written, there are promises of many more. For example, scenery add-ons for Portland, Oregon, and San Diego and Los Angeles, California, are reportedly underway.

For those interested in instrument flying, the commercial scenery add-ons usually provide all of the NAVAIDS that actually exist within the replicated area. This provides for a highly realistic simulation experience; you can learn and practice all approaches in the area on Flight Simulator.

All the charts for ILS, LOC, LDA, SDF, and LBC approaches included on the standard Flight Simulator database, the Washington, D.C., add-on scenery, the San Francisco add-on scenery, the New York add-on scenery and verrsion 5.1 charts for the disk version are included in this appendix.

Additional charts were selected for this appendix for no particular reason other than to provide you with additional VOR and NDB approaches. The ILS Rwy 28 approach to Allegheny County Airport is included because it is where I first learned the joy of flight. An approach to Gaithersburg, Maryland, is included because it is the nearest airport to my home and the most convenient place for me to be an airport bum. Remember, these charts are not to be used for actual navigation.

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