Microsoft Flight Simulator Handbook

by Jonathan M. Stern

Turns About a Point

Turns about a point are made by flying at least two full circles at a constant distance from a prominent ground reference. As with s-turns, the maneuver is entered downwind and, with any wind, requires a constantly changing bank angle to maintain the constant radius. The maneuver begins on downwind with the steepest bank (preferably not more than 45°) and involves the shallowest bank as the airplane turns fully upwind. From upwind to downwind, the bank is constantly increasing. From downwind to upwind, the bank is constantly decreasing (see Figure 5.6).

Figure 5.6. Bank is constantly changing in a turn about a point, unless the wind is calm.

At the completion of the maneuver, the wings should be leveled and altitude maintained.

Select the Windwork situation. This situation places you at 4,500 feet above Midway Airport with a Westerly wind. Find a prominent ground reference point and practice turns about a point (see Figure 5.7).

Figure 5.7. As an alternative, you may wish to fly turns around the Seattle Space Needle.

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