Microsoft Flight Simulator Handbook

by Jonathan M. Stern

Go Arounds

If, at any time during the approach, it appears that the approach cannot be continued to a safe landing, execute a go around. The closer the airplane is to the targeted touchdown point, the more critical the go around maneuver.

Procedures for the go around appear in Appendix D, in the Go Around checklist. The first step is the immediate application of power. Simultaneously, pitch is increased to arrest the descent rate (see Figure 6.9).

Figure 6.9. The first step in the go around maneuver is the simultaneous increase of pitch attitude and increase of power.

To achieve full power, turn off carburetor heat. Once the descent is arrested, flaps are retracted to 20°. A 75 knot climb should be established, after which the remaining 20° of flaps should be intermittently retracted. Thereafter, climb at best rate of climb speed is appropriate.

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