Microsoft Flight Simulator Handbook

by Jonathan M. Stern


A spin is an uncoordinated stall that results in a corkscrew-like downward path (see Figure 8.1).

Figure 8.1. The spin results from an uncoordinated stall.

It is more difficult in some airplanes than others to initiate the spin. Once the airplane is in a spin, it can require the correct recovery technique to stop the spin (see Figure 8.2).

Figure 8.2. A spin can result in a terrifying attitude for the unwary pilot.

In airplanes that are not certified for spins, it may be impossible to get out of a fully developed spin.

The entry procedure for the spin is as follows:

  1. Turn off Auto Coordination from the Sim menu.
  2. Climb to 6,000 feet AGL or use the World/Set Exact Location menu to place the airplane at 6,000 feet.
  3. Establish cruise flight (flaps and gear retracted).
  4. Reduce throttle to idle.
  5. Maintain altitude until the stall warning horn blares.
  6. Simultaneously apply full up elevator and full left or right rudder. A slight increase in power may assist in the initiation of the spin.

The recovery procedure for the spin is as follows (see Figure 8.3 also):

Figure 8.3. Recovery from the spin requires a very specific procedure.
  1. Reduce throttle to die.
  2. Apply full rudder opposite the direction of rotation.
  3. Briskly move the yoke forward.
  4. As rotation stops, neutralize rudder.
  5. Gently apply elevator to return to level flight.

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