Microsoft Flight Simulator Handbook

by Jonathan M. Stern

Aileron Roll

The aileron roll is a 360° roll performed while maintaining a constant altitude (see Figure 8.5).

Figure 8.5 Passing the 90° point in the roll.

Although it is performed without auto-coordination, it may be successful without add-on rudder pedals because rudder inputs may be unnecessary.

Use the following entry steps:

  1. Turn off Auto Coordination from the Sim menu.
  2. Climb to 6,000 feet AGL or use the World/Set Exact Location menu to place the airplane at 6,000 feet.
  3. Establish cruise flight (flaps and gear retracted).
  4. Enter a shallow dive to accelerate the airplane to 30 knots above cruise speed.
  5. Apply up elevator to raise the nose slightly above the horizon; then neutralize the elevator.
  6. Apply left or right aileron to roll.
  7. Use elevator to maintain altitude.

Use the following recovery steps:

  1. As the airplane approaches level, neutralize the ailerons.
  2. Pitch for level flight.

Lesson: Aerobatic Category (Lesson 3)

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