Microsoft Flight Simulator Handbook

by Jonathan M. Stern

Split S

The Split S combines the aileron roll with the loop. The maneuver begins with an aileron roll to inverted flight. Then the airplane flies the second half of a loop to recover in level flight, opposite the direction of entry, and at a lower altitude (see Figure 8.7).

Figure 8.7. Completing the loop portion of the split S.

Follow these steps for entry into the Split S:

  1. Turn off Auto Coordination from the Sim menu.
  2. Climb to 6,000 feet AGL or use the World/Set Exact Location menu to place the airplane at 6,000 feet.
  3. Establish cruise flight (flaps and gear retracted).
  4. Enter a shallow dive to accelerate the airplane to 30 knots above cruise speed.
  5. Apply up elevator to raise the nose slightly above the horizon; then neutralize the elevator.
  6. Apply left or right aileron to roll.
  7. Gradually neutralize the ailerons as the airplane is approaching the inverted position so that the ailerons are neutral as the airplane is at the 180° roll point.
  8. Apply up elevator and set throttle to idle to fly the second half of a loop.

Follow these steps for recovery from the Split S:

  1. Level pitch.
  2. Apply cruise throttle.

Lesson: Aerobatic Category (Lesson 5)

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