Microsoft Flight Simulator Handbook

by Jonathan M. Stern

Chapter 11


Pilot's Log

I remember one flight student whose first language was not English. One day, she was unable to copy a clearance from the Clearance Delivery controller. After two unsuccessful efforts at copying a very rapidly delivered clearance, she became so frustrated that she keyed the microphone and made unintelligible noises for about 30 seconds. Taken aback by all this, the Clearance Delivery controller responded, "Readback correct."

"Avionics" stands for "Aviation Electronics." The avionics on board the Flight Simulator Cessna 182RG include a two-way communication radio (COM 1), two VOR/Localizer navigation receivers (NAV 1 and NAV 2), an automatic direction finder (ADF), distance measuring equipment for each navigation radio (DME 1 and DME 2), a marker beacon receiver (O-M-l), a transponder (XPDR), and an autopilot.

All of the avionics can be controlled from the keyboard or with a mouse. Several of the avionics' functions can be controlled within the program's menu structure. Table 11.1 lists the methods for controlling the avionics, except for the autopilot, which is discussed in the chapter on instrument departures.

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