Microsoft Flight Simulator Handbook

by Jonathan M. Stern

Takeoff—Runway Required

It's highly unlikely that your 182 will be unable to leap into the air after running down the long runways at Logan. Nonetheless, to demonstrate the calculation of takeoff distance, you can run through the calculation.

The takeoff distance chart in Appendix D is based on a gross weight of 3,100 pounds. For your purposes, the airplane is at maximum gross weight if the fuel tanks are full. Accordingly, use 3,100 pounds for takeoff.

You should know that the airplane's maximum ramp weight is actually 3,112 pounds, but you either have to burn 12 pounds of fuel or remove something or someone from the airplane before takeoff if you start out at 3,112 pounds.

Using density altitude, which I calculated to be sea level at Logan, I calculated an 820-foot ground roll for takeoff. 820 is entered under DEP and to the left of RWY RQD. If you do not have a flight computer, you can use the graph in Chapter 2, "The New Flight Simulator Pilot's Ground School," to estimate density altitude if you know elevation, temperature, and altimeter setting (Chapter 2 also contains procedures for converting elevation and altimeter setting to pressure altitude).

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