Microsoft Flight Simulator Handbook

by Jonathan M. Stern

Flight Planner 5

A product of Robert MacKay's RMM Consulting, Inc., that can be used in planning IFR flights on Flight Simulator is Flight Planner 5. Flight Planner 5 was not ready for use or inspection at the time this book was being prepared, but Robert shared with me what the program would do when it was completed. Figure 15.12 shows the previous version of Flight Planner.

Figure 15.12. The previous version of Flight Planner automatically generated flight plans, including the route and altitude plots and flight log summary, which are shown below and on the next page.

He also explained why he first developed Flight Planner:

Getting tired of having to constantly refer to the Flight Simulator manual for maps, frequencies, and runways, I wrote a small database of this information and added the ability to plot the data. Along the way, I added features such as auto-routing from any point to any point, more plots, reports, and flight plans. After learning that my work would be of interest to others, my program, Flight Planner, was published by Mallard Software. Both DOS and Windows versions were published for Flight Simulator version 4.

Flight Planner 5, which is nearing completion as I write this, will include features such as a full database of NAVAIDS and airports, all Victor and Jet airways, auto-routing via Airport, VOR, Victor airway, or Jet airway, improved graphics, improved reports and flight plans, and more.

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