Microsoft Flight Simulator Handbook

by Jonathan M. Stern


Instrument Departures and Basic Enroute Procedures

Pilot's Log

Federal Aviation Regulations don't require private pilots to receive spin training, but my students did. If they inadvertently entered a spin, I wanted them to know what it looked like from the cockpit and how to recover from it. Instinctive reaction can be deadly in a spin.

Because the nose is facing toward the ground, people feel compelled to pull back on the control yoke. Your instinct tells you, "Pull back, pull back." In reality, you need to push forward to get the plane out of the stall.

Now, it's time to fly. In this chapter, you will fly not only the trip from Boston to Bradley, but also flights from Los Angeles to San Francisco, Port Angeles to Everett, Washington, Champaign to Chicago, Chateaudun to Paris, and Innsbruck to Munich. I will do all the flight planning for these additional flights and provide you with my flight logs and weather information. First, you must ensure that both you and the airplane are legal for instrument flight.

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