Microsoft Flight Simulator Handbook

by Jonathan M. Stern

Innsbruck to Munich

Now you can fly the Lear 35 from Innsbruck, Austria, to Munich, Germany. The Navigator program generated a flight log and a graphical printout for the trip, which is only 80 nautical miles. A printout of the flight log appears in Figure 17.23.

Figure 17.23. The flight log for the Lear 35 to fly from Innsbruck. Austria, to Munich, Germany.

Figure 17.24 contains a graphical printout of the route, which includes departure and destination airports, intermediate VORs, and courses and distances for each leg.

Figure 17.24. The Navigator 5.0-generated graphical route printout for the trip to Munich.

Before boarding Lear N5FSL, study the route of flight up to Munich. You will initially track the 172 degree radial directly to Eurach, a distance of 29 nautical miles. If Navigator 5.0 is in the ball park, you will reach cruising altitude very shortly before reaching Eurach.

At Eurach, you will alter course to the right and track outbound on the 006 degree radial. Sixteen miles North of Eurach, you will change over to the Maisach VOR and track it Northbound. Eight miles South of Maisach, you should begin a gradual descent (of course, in real life this is completed only with an appropriate ATC instruction). At Maisach, you will fly a dog leg to the right and track 19 nautical miles along the Maisach 072 degree radial.

Follow these steps:

  1. Use the World/Set Exact Location menu to position your airplane at the Innsbruck Airport.
  2. The latitude and longitude coordinates are N 047° 15’ 34.5107", E 011° 19’ 57.5370".
  3. Set the elevation to 1,909 feet and the magnetic heading to 82°. Trade up from the 182RG to a Lear 35 with the Options/Aircraft menu.
  4. Now prepare the airplane for the flight by checking all your instruments and setting up your navigation radios. ATC frequencies are listed at the bottom of the flight logs generated by Navigator, and you can start this flight with a listen to the ATIS on 126.02. To get the .02, you have to select 25 KHz Com Frequency Adjustability from the Options/Preferences/Instrument menu.
  5. Set the NAV 1 to the Eurach VOR frequency of 115.2 and the NAV 2 to Maisach on 108.4. Rotate the OBSs until the NAV 1 and NAV 2 OBIs read 352 and 006 respectively.
  6. Tune the ADF to the Innsbruck NDB on frequency 420. Use a transponder code of 5471 for this trip.
  7. The radios are ready. Set the flaps to the takeoff setting (the first notch) and make a normal takeoff from runway 8.

    It's easy to see why Innsbruck was selected for the Winter Olympics in 1964 and 1976. This resort city on the Inn River is surrounded by big, beautiful mountains (see Figure 17.25). You can just bet that there are some serious departure procedures for this airport, given the mountains surrounding the airfield. Because of the nice VMC weather, you can judge an appropriate departure path on this takeoff, but you'd better hope and pray that you don't lose an engine at low altitude here. Climb straight ahead over the valley before starting a left turn out over the mountains.

    Figure 17.25. Climb straight out over the valley before beginning the left turn over the mountains.
  8. At 4,000 feet, turn left to a heading of 345° and join the 172 degree radial Northbound to Eurach. Don't forget to retract the flaps at a safe airspeed. Watch out for the beautiful brown peaks below. This trip is really worth making without any clouds so as to enjoy the pretty countryside.
  9. The climb to 11,000 feet should be completed well before reaching Eurach. In fact, I found I beat the top of climb point by quite a few miles, but that is a function of having climbed on runway heading before turning on course, as well as the fact that a 3,000 foot per minute climb is conservative in this powerful bird.
  10. Once level at 11,000 feet, you may wish to use the autopilot to hold altitude. Reduce the throttle settings to keep the airspeed within the allowable range. If you go too fast in this airplane, you'll get an overspeed warning.
  11. After station passage at Eurach, track outbound on the 006° radial for 16 nautical miles before switching to Maisach. Eight miles South of Maisach, start a gradual descent to 5,000 feet at the ToD point. See Figure 17.26.

    Figure 17.26. The sun is beginning to set as we pass the top of descent point on the way into Munich.
  12. When you arrive at Maisach, pause the simulation and save your place with the Options/Save Situation menu. Call this situation Inbound To Munich. You'll recall it later for an ILS approach to runway 8R at Munich.
  13. Quit Flight Simulator or reset the simulation to the Meigs Takeoff Runway 36 situation.

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