Microsoft Flight Simulator Handbook

by Jonathan M. Stern

MICROSOFT® Flight Simulator® Keyboard Controls and Equivalents

Control Keyboard (F keys on top) Keyboard (F keys left side)
Left Aileron* Keypad 4 Keypad 4
Center Ailerons* Keypad 5 Keypad 5
Right Aileron* Keypad 6 Keypad 6
Up Elevator* Keypad 2 Keypad 2
Down Elevator* Keypad 8 Keypad 8
Up Trim Keypad 1 Keypad 1
Down Trim Keypad 7 Keypad 7
Left Rudder Keypad 0 Keypad 0
Center Rudder Keypad 5 Keypad 5
Right Rudder Keypad Enter Keypad Enter
Flaps Retracted* F5 F1
Flaps 10°* F6 F3
Flaps 20°* - F5
Flaps 30°* F7 F7
Flaps 40°* F8 F9
Spoiler (Lear and Schweizer)* / /
Throttle Increase* Keypad 9 or F3 Keypad 9 or F6
Throttle Decrease* Keypad 3 or F2 Keypad 3 or F8
Throttle Closed F1 F10
Throttle Full Open F4 F4
Propeller Increase RPM* Ctrl+Keypad 9 Ctrl+Keypad 9
Propeller Decrease RPM* Ctrl+Keypad 3 Ctrl+Keypad 3
Propeller Low RPM Ctrl+F1 Ctrl+Fl0
Propeller High RPM Ctrl+F4 Ctrl+F2
Mixture Enrich* Ctrl+Shift+Keypad 9 Ctrl+Shift+Keypad 9
Mixture Lean* Ctrl+Shift+Keypad 3 Ctrl+Shift+Keypad 3
Mixture Idle Cutoff Ctrl+Shift+Fl Ctrl+Shift+Fl0
Mixture Full Rich Ctrl+Shift+F4 Ctrl+Shift+F2
EGT Bug Right U+Plus Sign U+Plus Sign
EGT Bug Left U+Minus Sign U+Minus Sign
Calibrate Altimeter* B B
Calibrate Heading Indicator* D D
Calibrate Joystick K K
Pause/Resume P P
Landing Gear Up/Down G G
Brakes* Period Period
Differential Brakes Left F11 F11
Differential Brakes Right F12 F12
Parking Brakes Ctrl+Period Ctrl+Period
Carburetor Heat On/Off* H H
Magnetos On/Off* M,+ or - M,+ or -
Lights All On/Off* L L
Instrument Panel Lights On/Off Shift+L Shift+L
Landing Light On/Off Ctrl+L Ctrl+L
Strobe Lights On/Off* O O
Autopilot On/Off* Z Z
* Indicates items that can be controlled with a mouse.

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