Gunship Academy

by Richard Sheffield

Rule 9: Attack from the Enemy's Flank, Across the Front Line, If Possible

Attacking across, or parallel to, the enemy FLOT (Forward Line Of Troops) will limit the number of enemy locations which can see you. If you attack directly into the enemy front, perpendicular to this line, all of the front-line positions will see you at about the same time. Many will have a chance to fire at you before you can locate and destroy them. If you attack down this line, as opposed to attacking into it, you'll have the opportunity to line up a number of targets and take them one at a time. Meanwhile the targets beyond the one you are attacking won't be able to see you. Planning your attack in this manner will also let you know that you have a safe retreat in the opposite direction from the enemy. A quick bank away from the enemy should always take you out of danger and give you time to examine your map and plan your next move.

Had W.O. Buzzsaw made his firing run from a flank position, he possibly would have had time to spot the ground troops and attack them. At least he would have known which way to turn to get away from their attacks.

Figure 7-6. Rule 9: Attack from the Enemy's Flank

Top: Attacking head-on in this manner soon puts you in view of at least two enemy BTR's, possibly three. While you're firing at the one in the middle, the other two will be firing at you.

Bottom: With a Flank Attack, you can be seen by only one BTR at a time, and you can attack each in turn.

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