Gunship Academy

by Richard Sheffield

Appendix A

Suggested Reading List

If you would like to read more about attack helicopters and their role in the modern Army, I would suggest the following:

Cockburn, Andrew. 1984. The Threat: Inside the Soviet Military Machine. New York: Vintage Press.

Gunston, Bill. 1986. Osprey Combat Aircraft Series: AH-64 Apache. London: Osprey Publishing Ltd.

Gunston, Bill, and Spick, Mike. 1986. Modern Fighting Helicopters. New York: Crescent Books.

Mason, Robert. 1983. Chickenhawk. New York: Viking Press.

Richardson, Doug. 1987. Modern Fighting Aircraft: AH-64.(Vol. 12). New York: Prentice Hall Press.

U.S. Army Aviation Digest. A monthly periodical covering Army Aviation issues. Available at larger libraries or by contacting The Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington D.C. 20402.

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