Gunship Academy

by Richard Sheffield


Welcome to the exciting world of Gunship! Here, you can fly an AH-64A Apache attack helicopter to defeat Soviet Hind helicopters in combat—and win the Congressional Medal of Honor for your effort!

Gunship Academy, COMPUTE!'s companion book to the simulation, holds much more than insider's tips on how to play the game. Learn the history of the Apache, what it takes to become a real Apache pilot, and how Apache attack helicopters and their weapons systems work.

Inside, you'll find

Written in clear, direct prose and filled with photos and drawings that elegantly illustrate important military maneuvers and tactics, Gunship Academy is your best flight instructor for the Gunship AH-64A Apache attack helicopter.

Noted writer Richard Sheffield is also the author of Jet Fighter School: Air Combat Simulator Tactics and Maneuvers, and Sub Commander: Tactics and Strategy for WWII Submarine Simulations.

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