Airienteering with 13MIKE

by Fred J. Calfior and Douglas W. Miller

AirLeg 112

“The first electronic air war occurred on June 9, 1982. A force of about 90 Israeli Air Force F-4Es and Kfirs, escorted by F-15 and F-16 fighters, came winging through the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. With drones flying over Jordanian and Syrian defenses, a Boeing 707 electronically jamming enemy signals, and an E-2C airborne early warning aircraft vectoring Israeli fighters on to enemy aircraft, ten out of nineteen SAM (surface to air missile) sites were destroyed within ten minutes. A second wave of slightly fewer aircraft destroyed the remaining sites. Almost 100 Syrian MiG-21s and MiG-23s came up, blind without ground radar, and 22 of them were shot down. Not one Israeli aircraft was lost!”

1) When overhead “NORTHPORT”, press “P” to pause the simulation

Record your:

DME from LGA VOR______________________(70 pts)

Heading________________________________(60 pts)

Altitude_________________________________(55 pts)

Radial from DPK VOR_____________________(45 pts)

Radial from JFK VOR______________________(45 pts)

VSI             ______________________________(25 pts)

DME from DPK VOR______________________(20 pts)

Magnetic variation at your position____________(5 pts)

2) Press “P” to continue the simulation

3) Turn towards the lighthouse on Sands Point

4) Who was America's highest-scoring ace in World War II?

   If your answer is “Richard Bong”, go to AirLeg 61

   If your answer is “Chuck Yeager”, go to AirLeg 15

   If your answer is “John 'Dead Eye' Weston”, go to AirLeg 35

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