Airienteering with 13MIKE

by Fred J. Calfior and Douglas W. Miller

AirLeg 47

1) When “21.0” DME from LGA VOR, turn towards the “TARGET ROCK NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE

“Let me tell you about one tough plane that the Royal Air Force Coastal Command had for a while! It was the Sunderland Mark III flying boat, which was quite capable of patrolling the sea for up to 13 plus hours with a ton of bombs and depth charges, hunting for German U-boats. In June 1943, eight German Junkers 88 pilots tried to overpower a lone Sunderland limping across the Bay of Biscay on three of its four engines. After 20 passes, the Germans lost 3 planes from the Sunderland's 7 guns. In that time, the Sunderland was only peppered with holes and one of its 13 crewmen was killed. The five surviving Junker 88s then broke off the attack! German pilots honored this flying boat with the respectful nickname Stachelschwein - the Porcupine!”

2) When crossing the air sign that says “Welcome Back to the Empire State!', proceed direct to DPK VOR

3) Doolittle used what plane on his famous Tokyo raid?

If your answer is “B-25”, go to AirLeg 7

If your answer is “B-24”, go to AirLeg 95

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