Airienteering with 13MIKE

by Fred J. Calfior and Douglas W. Miller

AirLeg 64

1) Proceed direct to the group of hospitals in WHITE PLAINS

“The workhorse jets of the air war in Vietnam were the F-100 fighter-bombers, widely used for ground support missions in the South; the A-4 Skyhawk; (quite different from the Cessna 172 Skyhawk!) the F-105 fighter-bomber, which carried out 75% of the strikes against the North between 1965 and 1969; the Grumman A-6 Intruder which was America's best all-weather fighter-bomber; and the F-4 Phantom, the most versatile combat jet in the American arsenal.”

2) When crossing airway “V123-157”, press “P” to pause the simulation

Record your:

Radial from LGA VOR_____________________(55 pts)

DME from LGA VOR______________________(50 pts)

Radial from JFK VOR_____________________(45 pts)

DME from JFK VOR______________________(40 pts)

Heading_______________________________(30 pts)

3) Press “P” to continue the simulation

4) Turn towards Westchester County airport

5) The “Flying Fortress” was the:

   If your answer is “Boeing B-29”, go to AirLeg 101

   If your answer is “Martin B-26F”, go to AirLeg 4

   If your answer is “Boeing B-17G”, go to AirLeg 90

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