Airienteering with 13MIKE

by Fred J. Calfior and Douglas W. Miller

AirLeg 85

“For you Book One, Level A 13MIKE fans, I've got to tell you the story behind Wrong Way Corrigan! Douglas Corrigan certainly wasn 't any kind of a warrior, but he has entertained us through the years with this tale! He did his nonstop flight from Long Beach, California to Floyd Bennett Field in New York, in 1938. When the Civil Aviation Authority then heard that he intended to fly the Atlantic in his Curtiss Robin, they forbade the attempt. So in his attempt to fly back to Long Beach, California, he wound up in Ireland the next day! Douglas claimed that he had set his compass incorrectly and 28 hours 13 minutes later, he saw all these sheep, which got him to realize that he wasn't in California! Wonder what he thought about all that water which made up the continental United States?! Well, ever since then, he's acquired the pseudonym, Wrong Way Corrigan!”

1) Turn towards “BAISLEY POND

2) Intercept and track outbound on the JFK VOR “030” radial

3) Which German ace had over 300 victories?

   If your answer is “Gerhard Barkhorn”, go to AirLeg 34

   If your answer is “Erich Hartmann”, go to AirLeg 74

   If your answer is “Helmet Wich”, go to AirLeg 106

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