Airienteering with 13MIKE

by Fred J. Calfior and Douglas W. Miller

AirLeg 113

1) Takeoff on runway 11

2) At “1000” feet AGL, make a LEFT CROSSWIND departure

3) Climb to “3500” feet

4) When overhead the “Upper San Leandro Reservoir”, press “P” to pause the simulation

Record your:

Heading_________________________________(50 pts)

Altitude__________________________________(45 pts)

DME from OAK VOR________________________(40 pts)

Radial from OAK VOR_______________________(35 pts)

Radial from SFO VOR_______________________(25 pts)

VSI       __________________________________(15 pts)

DME from SFO VOR________________________(10 pts)

5) Press “P” to continue the simulation

6) Go to AirLeg 27

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