Airienteering with 13MIKE

by Fred J. Calfior and Douglas W. Miller

AirLeg 51

“Area navigation is known as RNAV, and what's mostly used is VOR DME based RNAV. It's magic! Within your RNAV unit, there is a smart little munchkin named a Course Line Computer. By telling your system enough information, you can make any point along your path into a phantom VOR station and go directly to or from that 'station'. Another term for it is a waypoint. So you can draw a straight line on your VFR sectional from departure to destination, periodically along that course line make a waypoint, and then fly from phantom VOR to phantom VOR without a hitch! Ah, technology!”

1) Enter RIGHT DOWNWIND for Hayward airport's runway 28R

2) Remain at “2100” feet until turning from BASE to FINAL

3) Overhead the midpoint of the runway, add FULL POWER, clean up, and depart straight ahead

4) Standard Service Volumes are:

If your answer is “VOR facility ranges based on altitude”,

go to AirLeg 40

If your answer is “used primarily for off airway navigation”,

go to AirLeg 9

If your answer is “ATC regulated entries from the enroute to

terminal airspaces”, go to AirLeg 93

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