Airienteering with 13MIKE

by Fred J. Calfior and Douglas W. Miller

AirLeg 64

1) Turn towards “IMPLY” intersection on airway “V107”

“On most VORs, there is usually an associated DME. The VOR is on a VHF frequency, whereas the DME is on a UHF frequency. So roll back the curtain, turn on the spotlights, for here comes the paired frequencies concept! 'Ladies and gentlemen! When you turn to the VHF frequency for VOR, automatically the DME's UHF signal piggybacks onto it, and you get two mints in one!' Oh, that's the Doublemint commercial!”

2) Choose the proper solution from the Puzzle Tribes section at the end of this scenario, and go to the AirLeg indicated.

Classic police versus bad guy line!

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