Airienteering with 13MIKE

by Fred J. Calfior and Douglas W. Miller

AirLeg 4

“Can you put together all that mumbo-jumbo information for Zamperini field on your Terminal Area chart? Its three letter designator is TOA. Control tower frequency is 124.0, and it operates part time from 0700 to 2000 local time. That comes from the Tower Frequencies Tabulation section on the chart. The common traffic advisory frequency (CTAF) is 135.6 and that also is part time. Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) is 125.6. Airport elevation is 101 feet and it's lighted from sunset to sunrise, with its longest runway being about 5000 feet. Special to note is that the usable runway length could be less than that, due to a displaced threshold. UNICOM is on frequency 122.95. There's also a golf course nearby! The other day I played a round of golf with my Dad and shot a 60! It was one of my best days! But I only played nine holes because I was getting tired!”

1) When abeam ZAMPERINI airport, turn LEFT to a heading of “075

2) When level, press “P” to pause the simulation

Record your:

Altitude________________________________(35 pts)

DME from SLI VOR_______________________(30 pts)

VSI___________________________________(20 pts)

What Victor airway is South of you?___________(10 pts)

3) Press “P” to continue the simulation

4) The first nonstop airplane flight across the Atlantic was in a:

If your answer is “Twin Engine Airplane”, go to AirLeg 82

If your answer is “Single Engine Airplane”, go to AirLeg 104

If your answer is “Vickers Vimy”, go to AirLeg 43

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