IFR Flights of 13MIKE

by Fred J. Calfior and Douglas W. Miller



"WOW! This is a real nice Flight Service Station you have here! It's quite a palatial layout! Well, this will be fun getting a weather brief from you here, with all those charts, and computers, and - is that a real live satellite image over there?"

Islip FSS:

"Sure is! Would you like to get a tour of what's here? I'll be more than glad to schedule you for one. We get many pilots to simply come in and visit, or learn what exactly we do! They're busy, as we are, but it's sure a treat to have visitors!"


"I'll take a rain check on that offer, I absolutely promise! My instructor is waiting for me to get a brief for this cross country, so I can't take the time now. It's a training introduction into instrument flying, and I'm too excited for words! Could I get a weather brief from you?"

Islip FSS:

"Okay! You're a private pilot working on an instrument rating, huh? Let's get this screen up right. I'm ready."


"It's to be IFR, Tail number November 9413MIKE, Cessna 182 RG. I'm departing Islip, departure time in one hour. Altitude five thousand feet. It'll be a round-ish circuit through Calverton, Bridgeport, and down to White Plains, Westchester County. ETE will be one hour."

Islip FSS:

"There are no flight precautions for you, so no adverse conditions current or forecast.

A high pressure system dominates in your area.

Currently at Islip, there is a measured two thousand overcast, visibility six, temperature six two, wind zero niner zero at one zero, altimeter three zero three three.

Enroute: generally two to three thousand broken to overcast.

Westchester County is reporting measured ceiling three thousand broken, visibility seven, temperature six zero, wind zero eight zero at eight, altimeter three zero three two.


Forecast for Islip at one five zero zero Zulu is ceiling one thousand eight hundred overcast, unrestricted visibility. Enroute, ceilings are forecast three thousand broken to overcast.

Westchester County forecasts ceiling two thousand five hundred overcast, visibility niner, wind zero niner zero at one two.

No echoes being displayed on the Radar Weather scope.

You said five thousand feet for cruise, right?"



Islip FSS:

"Winds aloft for that altitude are forecast one one zero at two six. No NOTAMs D or L for you today.

And that's what I have for you! Anything else I can do for you?"



"Boy, I'll have to do this more often! This is a much more personal way to obtain weather, seeing it all happen in such a lively manner. Computers are nice, and phone calls are convenient, but being here in person could really be fun to the end of being spoiled! Let me give you the flight plan then, as I see it. Professor Calfior, my instructor, told me I'd get a kick out of this face to face brief, and was he ever right!"

Islip FSS:

"I'll go to this screen then! Go ahead!"

You :

"IFR, November 9413 MIKE, Cessna 182 RG - slash A, one three zero true airspeed, Departure - Islip (ISP), fourteen thirty Zulu, five thousand feet, Route - Direct Calverton (CCC), BOUNO TWO Arrival - Destination - Westchester County Airport (HPN). ETE is zero plus five five. Fuel on board six plus zero. Alternate - Danbury, Connecticut, [YOUR NAME - CONTACT PHONE NUMBER - HOME BASE], two on board, Red over white."

Islip FSS:

"Flight plan is filed! You're set!"


"This has been spectacular! I will be doing this again! And next time, I'll have more time! I'd love a tour! Take care!"

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