IFR Flights of 13MIKE

by Fred J. Calfior and Douglas W. Miller



"Hello! I'm calling in next door from Lindbergh Field and would like to request an IFR weather brief. Tail number November 9413MIKE which is a Cessna 182 RG. Departure point is Lindbergh Field with a departure around twenty one hundred Zulu. I guess that's one hour from now. I'd like to fly at seven thousand feet and I'll go by way of Oceanside and Seal Beach. Destination is Los Angeles and ETE should be about one hour and ten minutes."

San Diego FSS:

"I have no flight precautions for your flight.

There is a weakening cold front across southern California.

Currently at Lindbergh, weather is reported as a measured ceiling one thousand five hundred broken, four thousand overcast, visibility one five, temperature five seven, wind two four zero at eight, and altimeter three zero zero niner.

Enroute ceilings are generally two thousand broken to overcast, and that's all!

Los Angeles is currently reporting measured ceiling two thousand broken, visibility one zero, temperature six zero, wind two seven zero at one five, altimeter three zero one one.

No PIREPs for you. No echoes on the Radar Summary.

Lindbergh's terminal forecast is ceiling one thousand overcast, unrestricted visibility

Enroute ceilings are forecast two thousand overcast.

Los Angeles' terminal forecast for your arrival is ceiling one thousand two hundred overcast, visibility unrestricted, wind two three zero at one zero, and that's the end of that!

Wind at seven thousand feet is forecast - we'll use two seven zero at two one.

NOTAMs that are in effect are a few I can see. At LA runway two four Left, ILS DME is out of service. Runway two five Right, ILS middle marker is reported out of service. Runway six Left's ILS middle marker also is out of service.

An FDC NOTAM is in effect in the Van Nuys airspace. Effective immediately and until further notice, pursuant to FAR 91.137A(2), temporary flight restrictions are in effect three nautical miles radius of the Van Nuys zero two zero degree radial, nine DME position, at and below three thousand feet AGL, to provide a safe environment for rescue operations. No local NOTAMs.

That's the gist of what I have for you. Is there anything else you'd like to know, or that I can do for you?"



"I'm ready to file, unless do I have to call somebody else to do that?"

San Diego FSS:

"No, no! I can do that too! I'll just let my fingers do the typing, of which I'm ready to get your flight plan now."


"IFR, November 9413MIKE, Cessna 182 RG - slash A, one twenty true, Departure - SAN, twenty one hundred Zulu, seven thousand feet, Route - HARBR TWO Departure, Seal Beach transition -Destination LAX. ETE is one plus one zero. Fuel on board is five plus fifty. Alternate - Ontario International. [YOUR NAME - CONTACT PHONE NUMBER - HOME BASE], two on board, Red over white."

San Diego FSS:

"Sounds like it should be a blast! Wish you the best!"


"Same to you! Good-bye!"

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