IFR Flights of 13MIKE

by Fred J. Calfior and Douglas W. Miller

Other Flights of "13MIKE"


    Flights of "13MIKE" - LEVEL A

"Competitive", "Challenging", "Fun", "Exciting", "Thrilling", and "Nerve Racking" are words that have been used to describe flying these scenarios. Non-pilots, student pilots, and commercial pilots are all hooked on the challenge and adventure of 13MIKE. You do not have to be a pilot to enjoy the thrill and adventure of flying through the LA Class B Airspace Corridor. Professor Calfior is seated at your right for the entire flight. Drawing on years of flight training has enabled Professors Miller and Calfior to bring you the most authentic and realistic selection of flight scenarios that you have ever encountered. You feel like you are actually in the cockpit, with Professor Calfior giving you friendly advice in his humorous fashion.

    BOOK THREE                           (Coming Winter 1995)

Airienteering with "13MIKE" - LEVEL A

What would it be like to do a little orienteering with an airplane? Well, jump into old 13MIKE, get out the map, and let's hit the sky. We need to find all the marks and get back to our home field as fast as we can. The clock is ticking and it looks like a storm is brewing. How good are you at map reading and flying at the same time? Come fly with 13MIKE and find out.

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