IFR Flights of 13MIKE

by Fred J. Calfior and Douglas W. Miller


After flying "13MIKE" around for the hundredth time, Professor Calfior and I, Professor Miller, decided we wanted more challenges, more thrills, and MORE white knuckle flying! So we started this next set of adventures for our fun loving 13MIKE flyers, TFR Flights of "13MIKE". This collection of foul weather and wind cross countries give 13MIKE a run for its money. We have included eight dynamos of power packed scenarios for your yukky weather flying pleasure. The procedures are as realistic as we can make them, from the FULL weather brief down to the Ground Control clearance to taxi to the destination terminal. All enroute charts, airport diagrams, departure information, and approach plates are authentic in every detail.

NOTE: The charts and plates are intended for use with this book only, in flying the scenarios utilizing Microsoft's Flight Simulator program. Please do not try to use these navigational charts for actual flight purposes. Reason - they are no longer current.

By drawing on our experience and background in teaching flying and aviation concepts, we have been able to bring to you a very authentic and realistic set of cross country flights.

This is the second book of a vast series of upcoming action books for the Microsoft Flight Simulator program. The books have been designed to be flown in sequence, even though it is not required. The action books come in two levels. Level A is primarily visual flight (VFR), keeping the non-pilot and student pilot well challenged but within reach of everyone's flying ability. Level B, on the other hand, is a book geared to anyone who has completed the first book or is an experienced pilot. This book deals with cloud overcast, shifting winds, and developing weather instrument flights, sometimes right down to a missed approach (go to another place!) condition. It will challenge you and feel so realistic that your body will sway with your airplane motion!

This action book has eight flight scenarios covering five geographic areas. You do not need to fly the scenarios in sequence, though it is advisable to do so. The areas are:

San Diego/Los Angeles, California

1. San Diego to Los Angeles

2. Oceanside to Van Nuys

San Francisco, California

1. San Francisco to South Lake Tahoe

2. Watsonville to Oakland

Chicago, Illinois

1. Kankakee to Champaign

New York City, New York

1. Islip to Westchester County

2. Block Island to Marthas Vineyard

Seattle, Washington

1. Port Angeles to Seattle-Tacoma

You will notice that there are scoring points throughout the flight scenarios. They are weighted according to their degree of importance in the IFR flying arena. The purpose of the scoring is so you may have a target of proficiency to shoot for. We'll tell you, based upon your score, what category of pilot you REALLY, REALLY are! The answers for each scenario are provided in the back of the book, so that you can tell how close your skills are to whatever goals you've set for yourself.

IFR Flights of "13MIKE" - Book Two - Level B has been prepared and written so that it challenges the non-pilot, student pilot, instrument pilot, and commercial pilot. It is assumed the student is familiar and versatile with Microsoft Flight Simulator Versions 4.0 or 5.0. This is not a teaching aid on how to fly the simulator - we assume that you have already practiced using the Microsoft Flight Simulator's own manual and guide. So whether you have version 4.0 or 5.0. this companion provides you with a custom program geared for your needs no matter what version you own.

The airplane in which you will be practicing is a Cessna 182 RG, a retractable gear airplane. We recommend that you use the map display very sporadically - more for curiosity sake than anything else. The areas are default areas which come automatically with your original Microsoft program. You won't have to build any scenery, locations or navaids unless you want to do so for your own personal thrill. We also recommend that you follow all the steps in each scenario so you can build a habit pattern of awareness in procedural techniques, especially in the preflight area. If you do skip a step, you won't fall out of the sky and die in simulation, but you will fail to utilize this action book to its full benefit!

You may fly each one of these flight scenarios using your keyboard, mouse, or joystick. There is no specific preference. The transfer of learning will be attained by the application and practice of the standardized procedures which are a foundational part of each and every flight scenario. These procedures are practiced and accepted worldwide. We recognize that there will be differences of opinion based upon Fixed Base Operator (FBO) or flight school methods of instruction. For example, the magneto checks which we have you do are performed with "LEFT" first then with "RIGHT", so that at the end of the final magneto check one click will bring it back to "BOTH". If the "LEFT" magneto was checked last, then one click would rest on the "RIGHT" magneto, and a pilot could then quite inadvertently take off with only one magneto in operation!

So, start up your computers! CESSNA 13MIKE is ready to fly with you to the exciting and challenging IFR world in a totally hands on, you're in control, plan ahead style of airplane navigation! Happy flying!!!!!


As you progress through this companion, we would enjoy hearing about your triumphs, thrills, and any other comments you may wish to share with us. We are always eager to hear from our fellow flyers. All comments are appreciated. Please send them to CalMil Publishing, 2224 Katahn Drive, Prescott AZ, 86301.

Professor Douglas W. Miller
Professor Fred John Calfior

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