Flights of 13MIKE

by Fred J. Calfior and Douglas W. Miller

   Flight Scenario Two

La Verne to Santa Monica

(Los Angeles Area - estimated flying time 30 minutes)

Professor Miller here again! How did you like that approach into La Verne? I'll bet it kept you busy. Well, the next flight has a few interesting surprises. It departs La Verne Airport and proceeds west to Santa Monica Airport. You need to watch out for the Los Angeles TCA. Well, let's get started. If you are continuing on with Professor Calfior in "13MIKE", you may skip the "SETUP" section and proceed to the section labeled "PREFLIGHT". If this is your first flight with "13MIKE", let me tell you how we do the setup. I will lead you through the initial setup phase of the flight simulator where you will set the aircraft type, winds, and position. I will show you how to save this setup so you may return to the La Verne Airport without going through the initial setup again. I will then turn you over to Professor Calfior, who will take you through the PREFLIGHT of "13MIKE" to set your instruments, TAXI, and perform a RUN UP of the engine prior to takeoff. He will instruct you in the TAKEOFF, CLIMB OUT, LEVEL OFF, COURSE CHANGES, DESCENT, APPROACH, and LANDING procedures that make up the bulk of this scenario. Again I would like to remind you to listen to what Professor Calfior has to say about flying techniques. He is trying to help you obtain the best possible score.

Our route of flight for this scenario has some interesting instrument procedures, you will need to keep sharp.


The procedures begin with a departure from runway 26L (left) at La Verne Airport and a climb out to 4000 feet. After departure you will be turning to a heading of 130 degrees to intercept the POMONA 164 radial. You will fly outbound on the POMONA 164 radial to intercept the PARADISE 276 radial. A right turn to a heading of 276 will allow you to track outbound on the PARADISE radial. You will change altitude to 4500, after avoiding the Los Angeles TCA. Upon reaching the halfway point between the PARADISE and VAN NUYS VORs, you will track inbound on the VAN NUYS 096 radial. This will set you up to intercept the 032 radial from the SANTA MONICA VOR and track inbound. You will start your descent to 2600 feet, which will begin your straight in approach to Santa Monica airport's runway 21. This course parallels a TCA wall and you must take care not to wander off course or you may end up busting the TCA. I think you're going to be busy on this one. After filling out our flight plan in Appendix A, and calling the Flight Service Station (FSS) to file it, we need to turn to Appendix B and locate the sectional map for Los Angeles. Find La Verne and Santa Monica airports. Draw the above route carefully on the map. Answer these questions.

**  a) What is the altitude of the floor of the TCA where you fly under it?

________________________________(15 pts)

**  b) What famous horse race track is just North of your route?

________________________________(15 pts)

**  c) What is the name of the airport you fly over?

________________________________(15 pts)

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