Flights of 13MIKE

by Fred J. Calfior and Douglas W. Miller

   Flight Scenario Ten

San Jose to Oakland

(San Francisco Area - estimated flying time 40 minutes)

Well! Tell Professor Miller how you liked that last flight! Did you make it through the mountains without knocking off any boulders or hit Professor Calfior's deer? And how about that approach into San Jose? Well, get ready for a most interesting NIGHT flight. That's right! Professor Calfior is going to take you on a night flight from San Jose to Oakland via the Golden Gate Bridge. If you are continuing your flight from San Jose, you may skip the section labeled "SETUP" and proceed with Professor Calfior to the section labeled "PREFLIGHT". If this is your first flight of this set, I will lead you through the initial setup phase of the flight simulator where you will set the aircraft type, winds, and position. I will show you how to save this setup, so you may return to the San Jose Airport without going through the initial setup again. Professor Calfior will take you through the PREFLIGHT to set your instruments, TAXI, and perform a RUN UP of the engine prior to takeoff. He will instruct you in the TAKEOFF, CLIMB OUT, LEVEL OFF, COURSE CHANGES, DESCENT, APPROACH, and LANDING procedures that make up the bulk of this scenario. Again I am going to remind you to listen to what Professor Calfior has to say about flying techniques. He is trying to help you obtain the best possible score.

Our route of flight for this scenario takes us over some very interesting night scenery and a LOCALIZER approach into Oakland International Airport.


This will be a night flight utilizing both instrument and landmark navigation skills. The night flight begins with a RIGHT DOWNWIND departure from runway 11 at San Jose International Airport. After departing the pattern, you will fly a course of 260 degrees, while climbing to 4500 feet. Upon reaching the coast line, you will turn right and follow the shore to the Golden Gate Bridge. After flying over the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and the Oakland Bay Bridge, you will track inbound on the localizer for runway 11, at Oakland International Airport, to perform a straight in approach. Okay! This sounds good! A night instrument approach to an international airport. GREAT!

Time to get to work. After filling out our flight plan in Appendix A, and calling the Flight Service Station (FSS) to file it, turn to Appendix B and locate the sectional map for San Francisco. Find San Jose International Airport and Oakland International Airport. Carefully draw your route of flight on the map. Check it twice. Now see if you can answer the following questions.

**  a) What VOR do you fly over before you reach the coast?

    _________________________________________ (15 pts)

**  b) What is the name of the airport you will fly over on the coast?

    _________________________________________ (15 pts)

**  c) When you are lined up to land at Oakland, what airport will be to your left?

    _________________________________(15 pts)

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