Flights of 13MIKE

by Fred J. Calfior and Douglas W. Miller

   Flight Scenario Eleven

Bridgeport to La Guardia

(New York Area - estimated flying time 55 minutes)

Hey ya! Fa ya New Yok fans, this hyah is Professor Miller, da Brooklyn Boy-o fram dee behst Flaht School! You got to love New York talk! The first flight scenario, of Series Number Four, departs Bridgeport's Sikorsky Memorial Field in Connecticut and arrives at La Guardia Airport in New York City. I will lead you through the initial setup phase of the flight simulator, where you will set the aircraft type, winds, and position. I will show you how to save this setup so you may return to the Bridgeport Airport without going through the initial setup steps. I will then turn you over to Professor Calfior who will take you through the PREFLIGHT of "13MIKE" to set your instruments, TAXI, and perform a RUN UP of the engine prior to takeoff. He will instruct you in the TAKEOFF, CLIMB OUT, LEVEL OFF, COURSE CHANGES, DESCENT, APPROACH, and LANDING procedures that make up the bulk of this scenario. Please listen to what Professor Calfior has to say about flying techniques. He is trying to help you obtain the best possible score.


You are on an IFR flight plan, with weather being excellent. The route of flight follows well established departure, climb, cruise, descent, and landing procedures. The procedures begin with a departure from runway 6 at Bridgeport's Sikorsky Memorial Airport with a right downwind departure, and a climb out to 6000 feet. You will intercept the BRIDGEPORT 212 radial and go outbound until arriving at the KENNEDY 066 radial. Proceed inbound to KENNEDY VOR. While inbound, you will request radar vectors to La Guardia Airport via the RIVER VISUAL RWY 13. You will descend into the various TCAs, in steps to 2,000 feet, and maintain that altitude until acquiring the 312 radial final approach track into La Guardia. After filling out our flight plan in Appendix A, and calling the Flight Service Station (FSS) to file it, we need to turn to Appendix B and locate the sectional map for New York. Find Bridgeport and La Guardia airports. Draw the above route on the map. Now answer these questions.

**  a) What is the name of the body of water you will be crossing from Connecticut to the New York side? __________________(15 pts)

**  b) What airspace do you just miss as you turn inbound toward the Kennedy VOR?__________________(15 pts)

**  c) What river will you be heading north on to arrive at La Guardia Airport?____________________(15 pts)

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