40 Great Flight Simulator Adventures

by Charles Gulick


Bruce Artwick's first version of Flight Simulator was released in 1979 and ran on the Apple II with just 16K of memory. Since then, Flight Simulator for the IBM PC and PCjr and Flight Simulator II for Apple, Atari, and Commodore 64 personal computers have become huge successes. These second-generation simulations added more color, 3-D graphics, and more-realistic flying.
    Thousands of computer users have enjoyed the experience of flight with these programs. And now, with COMPUTE!'s 40 Great Flight Simulator Adventures, both experienced aviators and rookie pilots can enjoy the thrill and excitement of flying 40 customized flight simulator scenarios.
    Each scenario takes you on a tour through the air, and puts an instructor and guide right beside you. Parameters are provided to position your aircraft in midflight or on the ground waiting for takeoff. The realism of Flight Simulator and Flight Simulator II-so realistic that the controls may seem intimidating at first-is turned to your advantage in each scenario. With clear directions and thorough advice, 40 Great Flight Simulator Adventures gently takes you from the ground to the stratosphere.
    Imagine yourself in the cockpit of your Piper 181 Cherokee Archer, flying over mountains, around skyscrapers, and between the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Experience the danger of night flying, soaring upside down, or landing your airplane without any power.
    Can you save the golden-haired girl on Catalina Island? The weather is terrible and no other pilot will risk it. You can't use your radar and you'll have to make a touchdown with just your instruments.
    Or maybe you'd prefer a pleasant flight along the Kankakee River or an aerial tour of New York City.
    You'll even see sights undocumented in the manuals, like a mysterious airport (is it a secret base?; and strange aerial phenomena (have you entered the Twilight Zone?).
    With your copy of Fliglit Simulator or Flight Simulator II, a computer, and this book, you can experience all these and more. With 40 Great Flight Simulator Adventures as your instructor and guide, you'll learn tricks and maneuvers you never imagined possible.

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