40 Great Flight Simulator Adventures

by Charles Gulick

Table of Contents

Title Page
Introduction and Instructions
Low Pass on the Pacific
Dead-Stick off San Clemente
To Breathe Free
A Game of Bridge
A Sound Approach
Fly Me a River
Midnight Ride
Threading the Needle
Tell It on the Mountain
We Aim to Please
Long Island It Is
A Place of Your Own
One Good Turn
The Mystery of Sammamish
Another Fine Mess
Two on an Island
Water Ballet
Decisions, Decisions
Night Has a Thousand Eyes
The Great Beyond
Falling Off a Log
Circle Around Dinner
High Jinks
Over on the Mayflower
Pyramid Power
Blues in the Night
Touch and Go
Yes or No?
Of Sound Mind
No Time to Be LAX
Fasten Seat Belts
Making Tracks
Space Glide
Central Issue
Have a Nuys Day
Twilight Zone
Olympic Run
If ... Then ... Else
Latitude/Longitude Coordinate Conversion Addendum for conversion to MSFS and other modern flight sims

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