Flight Simulator Co-Pilot

by Charles Gulick


Flight Simulator Co-Pilot is a companion book to the Microsoft Flight Simulator, for IBM PC, PCjr, and compatible computers, and the SubLogic FSII Flight Simulator, for Commodore 64, Apple II series, and Atari 800, XL and XE computers. Some flights call for the SubLogic Scenery Disks (Western set: Disks 2, 3, 4, and 5) and serve as an introduction to that remarkable new and dramatic Flight Simulator concept.

Co-Pilot is not reading matter to be absorbed while the computer is turned off, but to be experienced while you fly the modes it describes, using the parameters that are provided at the beginning of each chapter. That way you will follow and perform a wide variety of operations, from simple to advanced, and cover hundreds of miles of simulator geography while you learn and enjoy. In short, this is a book to be flown rather than simply read.

You are introduced to simulator flying as you would be to actual flying, beginning with a familiarization flight much like you would encounter if you went to an airport to learn how to fly. This is followed by in-the-air demonstrations and explanations of specific attitudes and maneuvers basic to precision aircraft control. You'll learn what “straight and level” is, how to perform precision climbs, descents, standard and steep turns, how to hold a desired altitude, how to make transitions into and out of slowflight, and how to fly airport patterns.

Before you make your first controlled takeoff and climb-out, you'll have acquired procedural understanding well beyond that of the average simulator pilot, and of many actual student pilots. Even if you're an accomplished pilot already, you are urged to go along with the method of instruction presented, which is specific to the simulators, and compare the results with the way you're flying now.

In Co-Pilot, nothing is left to chance and nothing is done haphazardly. If you have the will to understand and patience to practice the techniques described, particularly those in Section I, you will fly Flight Simulator with increasing precision, and with a solid knowledge of what you're doing and why.

In Section II, after your basic flight training, you're introduced to the techniques of aircraft navigation and instrument flying. By the time you make your first flight through an overcast, and your first night flight, you'll have a large measure of confidence. And soon you'll be into aerobatics and special maneuvers like aileron rolls, the chandelle, and Eights Along a Road. And you'll be ready to undertake advanced operations such as an ILS (Instrument Landing System) approach. But no matter how proficient you become, you will never stop learning. No pilot ever does.

As the book progresses into Section III, you'll discover how the skills you acquired early in your training pay off. You'll take real and deserved pride in the professional way you handle your airplane. You'll be able to “talk flying” intelligently with any pilot, from simulator novices to airline captains. And don't be surprised if you find them listening, intently.

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