Flight Simulator Co-Pilot

by Charles Gulick


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Pilot Advisories
Flight and Panel Familiarization
While the instructor flies the plane, get aquainted with the instrument panel and the aircraft's control surfaces.
Straight and Level
Learn to recognize the primary flight configuration of straight and level solely by referencing your cockpit instruments.
Standard Climbs and Descents
Climb and descend at specific rates under precise control, with airspeed constant, and with or without outside visual reference.
Standard Turns
Witness a 20-degree turn, followed by entering and rolling out of 25-, 30-, and 35-degree turns.
Climbing Turns
Use your instrument panel and out-the-windshield references to make controlled turns while climbing.
Altitude Management
Understand the techniques specific to your aircraft for maintaining a given altitude within 20 feet.
Slowflight/Normal Cruise Transition
Learn when, why, and how to make the transition from slowflight to normal flight and back again.
Preflight, Taxi, Takeoff, Turns
Learn how runways are numbered and review an actual preflight inspection. Then execute a precision takeoff and climb-out.
Greasing It On
See what a correct landing should look like while you control the aircraft from a preset approach configuration.
Ground Effect
Buzz the hangar at Eagle Field and have a little fun with Slew.
Flying the Pattern
Learn what an airport pattern is and how to fly it—including how to figure pattern altitudes and headings for each leg.
Big Wheels
Fly from New Haven, Connecticut to Boston, Massachusetts in weather, learning how to use your OMNI equipment to arrive precisely at your destination.
Goose Run
Take off from a special airport in Washington, and learn the importance of landmarks while you sightsee.
The Lone OMNI-Ranger
Get more heavily into your OMNI equipment. Learn what to do when you're out of range of a station and how to get on any desired radial.
Moving Right Along
Use what you have learned about flying OMNI by experiencing a practical application of the radial-change technique.
Night Must Fall
Make a dusk takeoff and night flight from Kankakee, Illinois, and test your instrument skills in the dark world.
Tijuana Taxi
Fly from San Diego, California to Tijuana, Mexico. Continue west toward the Pacific coast to Oceanside.
ILS That Flesh Is Heir To
Lost in an overcast north of Seattle, Washington, execute an ILS (Instrument Landing System) approach to Snohomish County.
On a Roll
Practice aileron rolls over Long Island Sound in New York and learn how to half-roll and fly inverted.
A Cessna Roller Derby
Put Cessna's special roll ability through its paces on takeoff, slowflight, and inverted flight.
The Vegas Notion (Scenery Disk 3)
A first exploration of the Scenery Disks. Get acquainted with Las Vegas, fly over Lake Mead, and continue on to St. George, Utah.
High Water (Scenery Disk 3)
Learn how high altitude affects your aircraft's performance by flying from Bryce Canyon, Utah, over Lake Powell and on to Page, Arizona.
The Cape Caper (Scenery Disk 4)
Experience a “vanishing point” at Cape Flattery, Washington, and make a scenic landing over the Pacific.
Valley Low (Scenery Disk 5)
Discover how to separate mountains from earth in Cessna, then fly between giant peaks and valleys en route to Salt Lake City, Utah.
Honeybee (Scenery Disk 5)
Experience the unique and remarkable history of the Mormon religion and make a scenic flight over the Great Salt Lake.
An Eerie Eyrie of Eagles
In the haunted World War I zone, explore a strange “clone” of Eagle Field.
Space Nocturne (Scenery Disk 2)
Make a night flight from Roswell, New Mexico to El Paso, Texas.
Long Ways Around (Scenery Disk 2)
Learn to do the chandelle, then practice Eights Along a Road, all en route to Las Cruces, New Mexico.
Apple Polishing
Learn turns around a point while flying over Manhattan Bridge and around the Statue of Liberty in Manhattan, New York.
Rock and a Hard Place
Make a hairy short-field takeoff, then fly over Cape Cod and learn the purpose of two NAV systems.
One More Time
Make a further exploration of the riddle of the Eagle Field clones and exchange farewells with Flight Simulator Co-Pilot.
Aircraft controls for the Apple II
Aircraft controls for the Atari 800, XL, XE
Aircraft controls for the Commodore 64
Aircraft controls for the IBM PC
Aircraft controls for the IBM PCjr
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